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The second step: finding your beach umbrella.

Retirement should not be an upstream challenge day after day. It should be a tranquil holiday week after week. That’s what it is at Westminster-Canterbury on Chesapeake Bay. Contact us today to schedule a personal tour, request a brochure, talk with one of our counselors, or even chat with some of our residents. They’ll tell you just how enjoyable, carefree and affordable a beachfront retirement can be. Our number is 800-753-2918.

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Surprisingly Affordable

Yes, we’re well-known for our prime beachfront location, exceptional health care services, and Life Plan security and peace of mind for the future. But we were founded with affordability in mind—and our financial accessibility might surprise you.

Affordable Pricing? We Can Prove It!

Our non-profit Life Plan Community offers one-bedroom and studio apartments in our East Tower for an average monthly fee of $3,401 per month. The median monthly income of people 65+ in Virginia Beach is $5,240 per month. Don’t make a mistake by simply assuming you cannot afford the best plan for your future, without learning more!